Rackspace Cloud Hosting

The RackSpace Cloud is a set of cloud computing products and is the brand name for RackSpace Hosting Inc’s cloud storage services, which provides services, publicized on a utility computing basis. The services it offers include platform as a service or web application hosting, cloud storage, load balancers, virtual private servers, databases, monitoring, and backup.

Our company’s main approach is to help today’s largest; global enterprises become reputably digital by using the cloud as part of a foundation to derive new understanding, unlock new opportunities and build new models for creating an affluent, more meaningful customer experiences.

Our cloud services put enterprises on the right track to fast and successful cloud adoption while reducing risks and ensuring industry consent. Our cloud consultants are well acquainted in deploying all types of cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds. We provide flexibility, security, and conformity for mission critical applications and help drive cost savings. We will help you choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy that will enhance utilization of your IT infrastructure, improves customer experience, virtualized processes, increases workforce collaboration and accelerate time to market and increase profitability.

The cloud file, which was introduced in 2008, uses OpenStack Swift object storage. The users can connect to it with the REST application-programming interface (API). The RackSpace cloud files have a pricing model, which is based on the usage, which means use and pay. The customers are charged for storage as well as for incoming bandwidth. But they are not charged for outgoing bandwidth or for maintenance. The RackSpace cloud platform also provides the users with basic features such as mobile access, replication, and guaranteed uptime. The users can manage their cloud usage through an online control panel, a number of third-party tools or desktop software that connects to the cloud files API.

The RackSpace Cloud hosting also offers cloud block storage and cloud backup. The cloud block storage is powered by OpenStack and is in a rivalry with Amazon Elastic Block Store. Using a merger of hard drives uses it to deliver higher performance than object-based clouds and solid state drives. The RackSpace Cloud backup provides file level backups and uses reduplication, encryption, and compression to reduce the storage costs and improves security.

RackSpace cloud storage features open-source OpenStack object storage, Akamai content delivery network and a simple pricing model. NASA and Rackspace co-founded the OpenStack association that develops the object-based storage software, called Swift, to which customers can contribute and impact.

RackSpace cloud platform has relaunched its public cloud services as managed cloud to differentiate its more expensive services from its rivals Google, Amazon and Microsoft. To expand its portfolio, Rackspace cloud platform is offering cloud-based email services.

The RackSpace Cloud servers are high performance, dependable servers designed to help the clients to grow and scale their business quickly and easily. The RackSpace cloud platform offers a great user experience as it is easy to start and the client can grow their cloud with familiar APIs with an easy to use control panel. The clients with the financial support can get access to thousands of cloud engineers and OpenStack experts to assist them in need. It provides remarkable services with the quality and value for their service levels.

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