Our Development Process

Below is process which we follow for every project.

Step 1

Review, Assessment, Planning

This is initial stage of project and very important for project development life cycle, here we are reviewing all task of project and find the best way to implement it. In this phase we are also preparing project plan which helpful for client for all deliverables. This phase we also decide project architecture.

Step 2


In this phase of project we collect all requirement related to design, which include colour combination of website, logo design, theme of website etc. as a result we send mock-up design to client to select design, and based on client feedback we move forward in project.

Step 3


In this phase of project we start development of project in which various elements are there like designing of database, code development, code review will be there. Based on project plan each task are assigned to developer.

Step 4

Testing and QA process

Once Development process is completed it will send to QA team for testing, they will create different test case for project and based on that they will do testing. As a result of this they will list down all bugs which come across. After this process developer will solve all those bugs and give again for re-testing, this cycle will continue until all bugs get closed.

Step 5

UAT Process

Once all bugs are solve we upload project to UAT server where client will review entire project and give their feedback, based on feedback necessary changes will be done.

Step 6


Once UAT process completed we will upload all code to client server, and we will also do Testing on live server to make sure everything is working fine.

Step 7

Bug Free Support

Once website get Launched end user will start using project and if they come across any issues they will give to us and we will resolve those as Bug free support.

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