Prototyping & Concept Development

User interface (UI) prototyping is an iterative analysis technique in which users are actively involved in the mocking-up of the UI for a system. UI prototypes have several purposes:

  • As an analysis artifact that enables you to explore the problem space with your stakeholders.
  • As a requirements artifact to initially envisions the system.
  • As a design artifact that enables you to explore the solution space of your system.
  • A vehicle for you to communicate the possible UI design(s) of your system.
  • A potential foundation from which to continue developing the system (if you intend to throw the prototype away and start over from scratch then you don't need to invest the time writing quality code for your prototype).

Prototyping and Development Process

Utkarshsoft believes in agile, lean methodology of working when it comes to providing efficient work. The studio follows a methodical process and can be roughly phased as Strategy, Research, Ideation and Production.



The first phase involves in-depth discussions on the business goals, success metrics. As well as user research to understand the target audience, their needs, expectations and views.

The insights realized through research are confirmed with the key stakeholders and a persona document is created.


This phase deals with visualizing the customer's experience with the proposed application. These could be in the form of storyboards, customer journey maps.

Information architecture is used to create a structure & flow of the experience. Wireframes are used to visualize the screens as well as layout of content within these screens.

These are usually validated with the stakeholders and few of the prospective users of the product.


Brand identity system is developed from the brand strategy phase to translate the principles into visual language; through patterns, color and typography

A mockup of a core screen UI is rendered with the brand identity design to give you an idea of the tone of the product.

Further all the UI for the app is designed. A clickable prototype is made to simulate the interaction and experience of the product.


Once the mockups are finalized, the subsequent process deals with ensuring the details are thoroughly worked on. Later, all the UI assets such as icons are exported along with specifications for the developer.

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