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This application builds for the planning of outing for children. This application mainly builds for parents and teacher who want plan their outing trip for their children/students. In this application, it will detect your current location and based on that it will give you a suggestion for an outing. The main feature of this application is searching where you will get lot’s of an option to search from also result will get a display in google map so you can decide which is a nearby place to visit.

Detail Description

Key Features of the project.

  • Really good feature searching where you can specify a search within criteria.
  • Very easy to use as an application is built to keep in mind it will be used by Teachers/Parents.
  • It gives very comprehensive search result to select a destination, it will also show ratting from Kid GO along with where are amenities available there so you can plan accordingly.
  • Notification for a local event nearby you.
  • Add search result to your favorite list so you in future you can easily see your favorite list.