Property Website

Property Website Builder

In this project, client wants to build a website using which they can generate as many property websites as they want. With each website there be color and other elements will be different. The main challenge of this website is its not single website but its Website builder where multiple websites will be built.

Detail Description


We have provided a solution using which we can generate as many property websites as we want. it can also be maintained using single backend.

Key Features of Website.

  • Generate as many websites as you want
  • Property websites can be cloned as the majority of the website are similar.
  • Single admin panel to manage all property.
  • Change css/color for a specific website.
  • Update the content of each website.
  • Photo Gallery for each property website.
  • Amenity management and booking for the same.
  • Request Management of Homeowner.
  • A role-based system where one company may own multiple properties.
  • Management custom pages of property.
  • Reservation management.
  • Document management where different documents of property were kept.