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This project is built for two kinds of users, the one who wants tiffin and another one will be who prepare tiffin. The user who want tiffin they can select from whom they want tiffin, also they can specify on which day they want tiffin and who date they won’t so tiffin service provider will know in advance that how many tiffins they need to prepare for the day. For tiffin service provider they can easily get how many tiffins they have delivered so at end of a month they can easily raise bill on that.

Detail Description

Key Features of the project.

  • For tiffin service provider, they don’t need to remember on which date they delivered tiffin so they can easily generate a bill.
  • For User who wants tiffin, they can set their tiffin requirement for an entire month in the calendar view.
  • Easy Billing.
  • Easy for payment reminder so tiffin service provider knows who did payment and who are pending.
  • You can see tiffin order history.