ios App


This app is a combination of skype mobile and tinder, the main feature of an application is you will get profile nearby you within 100ft so you can see a profile and add them in your contact list, once both parties accept request they can start a chat. This application is mainly built for two kinds of user Business Profile and Social profile. In Business profile, you are looking for someone for business purpose while other for a Social purpose which can be either fun/relationship etc. To get nearby profiles you will set certain criteria like your hobby, interest based on that you will get a list of profile nearby you, this same applies to business profile as well. You can see other profile before sending a request so you will get somewhat idea about a person to whom you are going to send a contact request.

Detail Description

Key Features of the project.

  • Build for both types of user Business and Social.
  • You can set your personal profile so based on that you will get a matching profile.
  • Easy signup with Facebook/LinkedIn.
  • A paid facility to search user from a long distance.
  • Easy payment options to make payment.
  • It allows you to set your profile should be visible to other or not.